My method for doing what I do


I approach every job as a unique challenge, but there’s a common set of steps that never fail to produce results. When working on any project with me I’m going to ask a lot of questions until I we agree on the following:

  • The overall goals of your business or within this initiative
  • Do they align with what you originally asked me to do?
  • The general conditions of your market
  • Demographics of your target market / typical user
  • What makes your product or service special?

UX (User Experience)

Once we have a solid foundation of the direction we want to go, it’s time to translate that into a user experience. During this phase my job is to:

  • Identify use cases of the app and user personas
  • Organize information into screens
  • Organize screen architecture and flow
  • Demographics of your target market / typical user
  • Create wireframes

UI (User Interface)

Now comes the fun part. Designing the user interface is where all of the hard work developing the strategy and user experience manifests itself on screen with shapes, colors, and images. While many consider UI design a form of art, I prefer to think of it as a creative science. Every design decision I make is based on guiding the user along to make their lives better by using your app, and in turn making your business grow. During the UI phase I:

  • Put strategy and UX into a visual design
  • Create an interface to guide the user where they want to go to complete their goals or a transaction
  • Cross-check every element against the goals of the project
  • Create high fidelity screens and working prototypes

Web Development

Once the design is complete, it needs to be developed. Luckily my skills don’t end here. I can translate the designs we made into working websites or assist your development team along the way. My skills in web development include:

  • Super-current best practices of HTML5 and CSS3
  • Wordpress development
  • Can assimilate into development teams using established workflow, version control, development environments, etc
  • Preparing handoff documents detailing behavior and style rules

Other Services


While I may concentrate most of my time on digital and interactive design these days, my career was built on advertising and marketing. I have experience and success in:

  • Print design
  • Logo design
  • Copywriting
  • Video editing
  • Brand consulting


I love to teach. Organizing and articulating the knowledge and skill I’ve acquired over the years into a digestible product is a challenge I love to tackle.

Over the years I’ve written courses, conducted webinars, created videos, and taught in classrooms on all aspects of design. I have the rare ability to remember exactly what it was like learning things for the first time. This allows me to identify pain points and obstacles of students of all levels and steer them in the right direction.