Designing With Your Developer In Mind

An InVision E-Course

It started with an article

In early 2015 the great content curators at the InVisionapp blog contacted me and asked if I would be interested in writing a guest post for them. Being the big fan of their content that I am, I quickly agreed and we settled on a topic close to my heart: designing with the end result of development in mind.

The article was an immediate success, with the social stats to back it up. After ending up on their Top 15 Articles of 2015 list, they asked me if I could turn this into an e-course like the ones they had rolled out recently by Scott Hurf from Tinder and Jane Portman of UX Breakfast. I’ve got a lot to say on this topic, so naturally I once again agreed.

My intial aricle was one of InVision's 15 most popular of the year.
You can read the original aricle here.

Designing with your developer in mind

The course covers 8 topics to consider when designing an app or website. The chapters include:

  1. What does it mean to Design for Development?
  2. Where to start: Questions to ask developers (part 1)
  3. Team strengthening: Questions to ask developers (part 2))
  4. Consistency is key for users and devs alike
  5. Designing responsively
  6. All about fonts
  7. Shapes and Curves
  8. Front-end frameworks and technology: What they mean to you as the designer

The research I did in in preparation made me question whether or not I regularly follow my own advice (and now I make sure I do), and made me a better designer and developer in the process.

The response to the course so far has been incredible, and I’m glad to help so many designers with this part of their skillset.

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